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Polaris Law, PLC

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700 Fulton St Suite A, Grand Haven, MI 49417, Michigan, USA 49417
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Gregory R. Todd, Founder Polaris Law, PLC

What is the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead lawyer in the road? There are skid marks in the front of the skunk.

Sadly, there is a reason why there are so many lawyer jokes. And the less-than-flattering reputation of our profession is not necessarily unwarranted.

I did not go to law school to be a lawyer; I went to be a prosecutor. As a former police officer, I wanted to help people by continuing to put the bad guys in jail. I also fancied the idea of going to battle for justice in the courtroom!

Unfortunately, I received my bar results in November of 2007--right after the housing bubble burst and it seemed like everyone (lawyers included) was losing their job. Needless to say, assistant prosecutor opportunities in the counties I wanted to work in were in very short supply.

But I worked hard in law school and padded my resume with all of the things essential for a “big law” job (Law Review, Moot Court, etc). Accordingly, I was one of the lucky few in my graduating class fortunate enough to gain employment as an attorney just a few short months after receiving my bar results.

For the next seven years, I worked as a litigator prosecuting and defending civil actions throughout West Michigan. I really loved the work, but it seemed like money, not people, was always the driving force behind it. After 5 years, I knew in my heart there had to be a better way. After two more, I had the courage to strike out on my own in search of it.

In March of 2015, I founded Polaris Law, PLC--not the Law Offices of Gregory R. Todd, Esq., PLC. From the ground up, Polaris Law is intended to provide its Clients a different experience. “Refreshing Legal Solutions” is not just an empty slogan, it is the cornerstone on which I built my business.

My strategy was to turn the current legal practice model on its head--starting by putting people first. Everything we do is in furtherance of developing relationships with the men and women that need our help--even if that means spending some time helping those that cannot afford our services.

We strive to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead in order to provide the highest possible value to our Clients. A few examples of how we do this are: maintaining a paperless office, leveraging technology to save time, and not paying for advertising.

My hope is that when our clients hear lawyer jokes, they will think to themselves, “Not mine.”