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Best Shopping

Best Furniture Store

1st: Blended Furniture Market 2nd: Langlois Furniture, Mattress & Appliance Store 3rd: Talsma Furniture Holland

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Best Farmers Market

1st: Muskegon Farmers Market 2nd: Grand Haven Farmers Market 3rd: Spring Lake Farm & Garden Market

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Best Jewelry Store

1st: J Morgan Ltd. Fine Jewelers 2nd: What A Gem Jewelry Boutique 3rd: Sanborn’s Jewelry

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Best Consignment/Resale Shop

1st: Love in Action Upscale Resale Stores 2nd: Purple Rose Boutique 3rd: Hope’s Outlet Thrift Store

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Best Floral Shop

1st: Grand Haven Garden House 2nd: Wasserman’s Flowers and Gifts 3rd: Eastern Floral

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Best Appliances

1st: Bekins Grand Haven 2nd: The Home Depot 3rd: Langlois Furniture, Mattress and Appliance Store

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